Who We Are

  • We are here to promote a revival and revolution of knowing God
  • Imparting our world through the knowledge of God

Foundation for God Seekers International (FGSI) is a Christian organization that aims to promote a revival of the pursuit of God. Our passion is all about knowing God. We believe every child of God must live a lifestyle of pressing on to know God better. We inspire, challenge, teach, train, and equip believers to make knowing God their chief aim in life.

FGSI is dedicated to partnering with Bible believing churches to train and release Christians who are true lovers of God and whose chief aim in life is to know God and fulfil their God-given purpose.

We exist to serve the body of Christ. Some of our services from which churches, ministries, Bible schools, youth groups, etc., can benefit include the following:
1. Christian Growth and Maturity Seminars
2. Knowing God Seminars
3. Effective Leadership Seminars
4. Effective Communication Seminars
5. Discipleship Training Seminars
6. Effective Evangelism Seminars
7. Youth Empowerment Seminars
8. Effective Christian Ministry Seminars

If any church, ministry, Bible school, or group would like to engage our services to help train and equip their members, leaders, youth, or Bible students, we will be delighted to serve you. Get in touch and let us know.

Dr. Joseph Nii Aryee Ankrah Founder and President
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  • God Almighty is the one and only true God. That He is three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Creator of all nature.
  • Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary is the only begotten Son of the Father.
  • Jesus Christ is God who manifested Himself on earth as man and dwelt among men.
  • All men have sinned and need redemption from their sins in order to have everlasting life in Heaven as opposed to eternal death in Hell.
  • Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind on the cross and that salvation is available through Him alone.
  • A Christian is someone who has consciously and willingly accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
  • All activities in the lives of believers must be guided and directed by the Word of God which is the Bible.
  • The ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit to believers, as experienced by the early Church, is for us today.
  • In accordance with the Scriptures, Jesus Christ will come again to reign on Earth and at the final judgment will judge each man individually for what he has believed, done, said and thought.
  • FGSI has a fundamental role of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, winning souls into the kingdom of God, and inspiring believers to make knowing God their highest priority in life.

Filling our world with passionate followers of Jesus Christ whose highest priority in life is knowing God and fulfilling their God-given purpose.

  • Evangelizing and winning souls into the Kingdom of God
  • Inspiring and encouraging believers to become God seekers
  • Teaching believers to know and understand what it means and what it takes to know God
  • Training and releasing ministers of the gospel as missionaries of knowing God
  • Promoting a revival of the pursuit of God
  • Equipping believers with the tools for discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose
  • Raising up believers who influence society through the knowledge of God and pursuit of their
  • God-given purpose

A commitment to the excellence of representing Jesus Christ and glorifying God in our world.

When believers truly engage their lives in pressing on to know God, they consequentially get thrown into discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose; and they spread the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere.


  1. Wherever God’s people, God’s kingdom, and the works of God are opposed, God will arise and let His enemies be scattered.
  2. In all the nations of the world the plans and schemes of Satan and his demons shall be thwarted and their activities destroyed.
  3. The Lord of the harvest shall send forth labourers to His harvest field who shall preach the gospel and win souls for the kingdom of God
  4. Lost souls shall be found wherever they are, and they shall hear and believe the gospel, and be saved.
  5. Satan’s kingdoms in the world shall be taken for Christ; and the kingdoms of the world shall become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ
  6. Jesus Christ shall build His Church, and the Church shall grow in numbers and in strength, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it
  7. The will of God shall be done on earth as it is in heaven
  8. The Kingdom of God on earth shall expand
  9. There shall be a global revival and revolution of knowing God, and our world shall be filled with people whose highest priority in life is to know God better.
  10. The earth shall be filled with the glory and knowledge of God as the waters cover the seas